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About Us

Passion for Ramen

What started as a simple joke and a passion for ramen soon became the inception of

Miyagi Ramen Bar.


Our main goal was to bring non processed home cooked Asian meals with fresh ingredients to the Delaware beach area.


Our noodles are made fresh in house as well as the broth and sauces. We offer authentic and fusion ramen as well as different Japanese and Korean dishes.

Our name, Miyagi comes from Miyagi Prefecture in Japan which is a sister State to Delaware.


In 2011, Miyagi Prefecture was hit by a major earthquake and tsunami.

As individuals and small businesses in Delaware, we got together and collected donations to help with the relief and rebuilding effort in Miyagi.


Therefore the name "Miyagi" holds a

greater meaning for us.


It represents that when we are struck by disaster and are in need,

we all are one race and 

humanity always prevails.

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